Collection: Little Man Lamps

The collection of our Little Man Lamps and their stories. Perfect to use when reading or working. It also makes a perfect deco´r in the nursery room, or as bedroom lamps. If you're searching for the little extra - this is the right place for you.

  • MR WHO - The Guardian of Secrets

    In the depths of the night, MR WHO emerges as the mysterious Guardian of Secrets, radiating an enchanting soft glow that beckons you to unravel the hidden mysteries that lie within its reach. As you approach this enigmatic lamp, a sense of intrigue fills the air, as if you are on the verge of discovering ancient knowledge long forgotten.

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  • MR WHEN - The Time Traveler

    As you gaze upon MR WHEN, the Time Traveler, you are transported to a realm where the boundaries of time dissolve and the past, present, and future intertwine. This mesmerizing lamp possesses the power to transcend the constraints of the clock, offering you a glimpse into the tapestry of time.

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  • MR WHERE - The Wanderlust Luminary

    Experience the thrill of exploration with MR WHERE, the lamp that ignites your wanderlust. Its radiant beams summon the spirit of adventure and evoke images of uncharted territories. Let MR WHERE be your compass, leading you to hidden gems and undiscovered horizons, illuminating the path to extraordinary experiences.

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  • MR WHAT - The Creative Muse

    Unleash your inner artistic spirit with MR WHAT, the lamp designed to ignite the spark of creativity within. Its vibrant glow breathes life into your creative endeavors, turning your space into an artistic sanctuary where your visions come to life.

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  • MR WHY - The Illuminator of Purpose

    Discover the deeper meaning behind your journey with MR WHY, the lamp that sheds light on your life's purpose. Its gentle radiance invites introspection and contemplation, guiding you towards clarity and self-discovery. Let MR WHY illuminate the path that aligns with your true passion and drives you to fulfill your aspirations.

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